Drone Operations & Safety Training

Helping Create Safer Skies

The droneSafe course is designed to give business operators of drone technology sufficient knowledge and understanding required to effectively and safely operate these devices within the law.

Our one day course has been developed by a private pilot with experimental aircraft flight testing certification and experience. We have taken the hazard identification and mitigation techniques learnt as part of test flying programmes and applied them for the first time into the drone operating environment. The droneSafe training course is not only designed to give you an understanding of what operators need to do to ensure safety in flight but also why this is required and how environmental, human, and technological factors can affect flight.

The droneSafe course can be run in house where three or more people require training and are are customised for your location and UAV type.

CAA Parts 101 impose specific requirements on operators of unmanned aircraft that must be followed in order to ensure compliance with regulations.

A key part of the regulations is the requirement to ensure that flight operations will not create a hazard to persons, property and other aircraft and these requirements mirror requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act where the operations are carried out as by every person conducting a Business or Undertaking. There is a requirement under both CAA and Health and Safety rules that reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that safety requirements are met.

The CAA regulations also demand knowledge of (and compliance with) the Remotely Piloted Aircraft regulations, and specifically require the operator to have knowledge of the airspace designation in the area of intended operation or be under the supervision of a person with this knowledge.

We believe that flight safety begins with a good understanding of applicable regulations, of the technologies used, an understanding and ability to interpret information available to the operator such as the weather and aviation charts, and a good grounding in processes designed to enable the flight operation to be conducted safely.

The training course does not presume any prior knowledge of aviation law or fundamentals of flight as these are included within the syllabus. Course attendees are supplied with take home material and support information to assist with ongoing operational safety.

The droneSafe Course is an Approved Course of Instruction for Part 101 Operators. Participants will be issued with a Certficate stating that they have received instruction from droneSafe under authority of Flight Test NZ Ltd, CAA Part 141 organisation TR52489

Course participants are elegible to sit a practical flight test undertaken by either droneSafe or any other Flight Test New Zealand Flight Examiner and uppon successful completion of the flight test, will be issued with a Remote Piloted Aicraft Certficate allowing the pilot to operate within 4km of an aerodome in accordance with CAR Part 101.205(a)(3) for a period of three years.

A droneSafe completion certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Bookings and enquiries can be made by telephoning or emailing us at the address shown below.