Consulting Services

Helping Create Safer Skies

droneSafe provides a wide range of services associated with the ownership, management and operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Commercial, business, goverment and local authority users of these devices need to create appropriate policies, procedures and processes around their operation in order to establish documented rules for their operation and management. With over fifteen year's experience in the governance sector, our staff can help you through the creation of effective systems that will help you demonstrate compliance with legislation and, at the same time, make it easy for members of your organisation understand their obligations.

The remote piloted aircraft industry can still be considered to be in its infancy and much information is only available from manufacturers who may have a bias towards their own products. droneSafe can provide you with independent advice when it comes to determining the type of craft required, work you through the business case and identify true cost of ownership, take you through the evaluation and purchase process and provide guidance during early deployment.