Helping Create Safer Skies

Consulting Services for the safe operation of Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

We created droneSafe after observing a need for an additional resource to help business, territorial local authority and government related organisations operate unmanned aerial vehicles in a safe manner and in accordance with current legislation.

Our principal consultant is Tony Krzyzewski who has over forty years experience in the information technology, information security, risk analysis and information governance area. He holds a private pilots license, a number of CAA issued test pilot approvals, and was involved in the test flying programme for the Airmaster Propeller system and subsequent approvals for operation under the UK Light Aircraft Association scheme.

Tony constructed Europa Aircraft #272 during the late 1990's and into this century. His web site documenting the build gained wide following around the world and was rated as one of the world's Top 300 aviation related web sites at that time. Tony also represented Europa Aircraft in New Zealand and was closely involved with some of the later developments of this aircraft.

During the early years of this century Tony was the named publisher for Sport Flying magazine, New Zealand Sport Aircraft Association's publication covering a wide range of topics relating to the construction and operation of experimental aircraft.

When he is asked what he knows about aviation safety and risk analysis, Tony simply points out the fact that he has taken aircraft for their very first flight after construction, something that you do not do without a good knowledge of aircraft operation, and a very keen interest in safety and risk analysis!

Tony is a very experienced presenter and instructor on complex technical mattters and has considerable experience in public speaking. Tony has a keen interest in cartography and loves taking out a map (or aviation chart) to read. He builds microcomputer control systems for fun and when he isn't tied to a desk can be found either working on his model railway or behind the controls of his live steam locomotive.

Other than test flying of light aircraft Tony rates spending half an hour on the flight deck of Concorde at Mach 2, and being present at a Space Shuttle launch as aviation related highlights.

droneSafe is also able to draw upon the expertise of a number of aviation practitioners as required. These specialists have considerable experience in aviation management, air traffic control, aerial services and military UAV operations.