Operating Your Drone In New Zealand:  Watch the droneSafe Video

Your Obligations When Operating a Drone in New Zealand Airspace under CAA Regulation Part 101

Your drone must be safe to operate

You must not fly higher than 400 feet / 120 metres above ground level

You must always give way to crewed aircraft

You must, at all times, take all possible steps to minimise hazards to persons, property and other aircraft

You must, at all times, be able to see the aircraft with your own eyes without assistance from any technology (you may wear glasses or contact lenses that correct vision to normal)

You must have consent from anyone you wish to fly above

You must have permission of the property owner, or person in charge of, any property that you wish to fly over. This includes roads and parks.

You may only operate in daylight unless it is a shielded operation. A shielded operation is within 100 metres, and not above, a barrier formed by vegetation or man made structure. Natural topology, such as a cliff face, is not considered to be a shield.

You must have knowledge of airspace restrictions in the area that you wish to fly

You may not fly in special use airspace (such as military areas, low flying zones and special conservation zones) without the permission of the administrating authority

You may not fly in controlled airspace without the permission of Airways New Zealand, unless it is a shielded operation. Many parts of New Zealand cities are controlled airspace.

You may not fly within 4km of an aerodrome unless it is a shielded operation, and a natural or man made shield that is capable of stopping the craft is between you and the aerodrome. If you are a qualified UAV operator, or hold a private pilot pilot/microlight pilot license - and have permisison of the aerodrome, then you may operate within 4km of an aerodrome. Note that many of New Zealand's hospitals are designated aerodromes.

When operating within an aerodrome as a qualified operator you must remain clear of active movement areas and taxiways

You must never fly in a designated low flying area