Part 102 Expositions and Ongoing Compliance Management

Helping Create Safer Skies

The objective of CAA Part 102 is to introduce a rule to address the immediate safety risks associated with the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and take steps to achieve compliance with international standards and recommended practices with regard to unmanned aircraft.

As with CAA Part 101 a key part of the regulations is the requirement to ensure that flight operations will not create a hazard to persons, property and other aircraft.

CAA Part 102 applies to persons wishing to operate unmanned aircraft other than in accordance with Part 101 or operating in accordance with Part 101 and wishing to apply for an unmanned aircraft operator certificate.

In order to be granted an unmanned aircraft operator certificate the operator must submit an exposition to the Director of Civil Aviation detailing (among other things), the area of operation, personnel involved with the operation of the unmanned aircraft, identification of hazards, processes to mitigate risk, aircraft and maintenance details, and flight procedures.

A Part 102 unmanned aircraft certification may, for example, be appropriate for a territorial local authority wishing to operate a drone for inspection work, or emergency response teams wishing to perform flights over property without first obtaining the property owner's permission. It would also be applicable for an operator wishing to operate a drone outside of normal daylight hours.

droneSafe can assist you with preparing your Part 102 exposition, be it a full contract for the creation of the exposition or the provision of specific services to ease the process.

Ongoing management of your unmanned aircraft operating environment is an essential part of maintaining conformance with Part 102 compliance and we can provide a fully managed service or audit capabilities in order for your organisation to demonstrate compliance.

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