Aerodrome Flight Supervisory Services

CAA Part 101 requires that unmanned operations within 4km of an airfield be undertaken by an approved person, a holder of a pilots license or be under their supervision. As some organisations have already discovered this can make drone operations difficult especially when the aerodrome is close to the town or city centre.

A particular trap for the unwary is the presence of hospital helipads within the centre of towns as these are designated aerodromes.

If you don't have an approved operator within your organsiation we can provide supervisory services to manage your flight. We include prior liason with the aerodrome operator to create a memorandum of understanding, management of the flight, mandated observer status for the flight under CAA Part 101, and, as a holder of a Flight Radio Telephony Operator License, can provide ground to air communications if required.

This service is available on a half day billed basis plus travel and accommodation at cost. Just get in touch if you need our help.